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Recamier is part of the new project Sphinx Zuid, a modern residential development in Maastricht’s Sphinxkwartier district. Once the home of Royal Sphinx’s imposing chinaware factories, the district will now offer a brand-new residential environment. Sphinx Zuid is located in Maastricht’s Sphinxkwartier district, close to where Maagdendries meets Achter de Barakken. The realignment of the Noorderbrug approach road has recently reconnected this area, traditionally an industrial zone, with the city centre. Which in turn has sparked a chain reaction of creative revival, unusual repurposing of historic buildings and artistic vitality. This renewed Sphinxkwartier has been called unpolished and offbeat, a neighbourhood where industrial heritage, urban design and informal green space rub shoulders. An exciting place to live for all ages.


The liveliness of the Sphinxkwartier also translates into a high level of amenities. A variety of restaurants and quirky lunch cafés are all located close to your new home, as are a cinema, a number of interior design boutiques and several DIY stores. Very convenient when you are moving in, of course, but you are also well catered for later on when you want to cook for yourself in your deluxe kitchen. Within cycling distance you will find Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Coop supermarkets. And more adventurous cooks can indulge themselves at Amazing Oriental of Persia. Everything Maastricht has to offer is also close at hand, including GP surgeries, a teaching hospital and the beautiful city centre with its wide range of shops. The nearest primary school is 500 metres from Sphinx Zuid, and within cycling distance you will find several childcare centres offering day care, crèche facilities and after-school clubs.

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– hotspots in the Sphinxkwartier –

Every building and every location in the Sphinxkwartier has its own history, its own function and its own exciting plans for the future. And in most cases its own website as well. On the map below you will find a number of special places in the immediate vicinity of Sphinx Zuid – click on them for a brief summary and a link to the website.

Frontenpark - Lage fronten
Together with the high fronts, this now forms the Frontenpark. Rugged, robust and full of history. With monuments and fortifications.
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Sphinx Zuid
Project location Sphinx Zuid
't Bassin
Artistic surprises. Culinary discoveries. Boating, buying art, eating a bite. It's all possible in 't Bassin, the secret part of Berlin in Maastricht.
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Frontenpark - Hoge fronten
Together with the Lage fronten, this forms the new Frontenpark. The backyard of the Sphinxkwartier. With space for flora, fauna, cultural heritage and events.
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Boekhandel Dominicanen
Beautiful bookshop in an ancient church. With your nose in the books or a delicious cappuccino.
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Sint Servaasbrug
Photogenic bridge, perhaps the oldest in the Netherlands. Car-free: wonderful walking with a beautiful view over the Maas.
Station Maastricht
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