Found your dream apartment

The apartments at Sphinx Zuid – Recamier are being let online. This means that the entire process, from registration to signing your tenancy agreement, takes place in a secure digital environment. You never need to leave home and you can take each step whenever it suits you. Handy! If you have any questions during the registration and allocation process, we will be happy to help via online chat and email.

The procedure is described in detail below.


The step-by-step plan for online rental

Before you begin, it is a good idea to check first that you can meet the income criteria and other conditions. Then use this website to find your dream home. Note the addresses of your preferred apartments so that you can enter them when you register.

At the top of the website is a registration button. This directs you to your personal online file, where registration takes place. To do this, you need to create an account. You can then enter your details in this secure environment.

2.Initial matching
On a set date, the first round of matching begins. Everyone registered at that time who meets the income criteria is included in this. The preferences you have entered are also taken into account. You are notified by email if you have been matched with an apartment at this stage. It is then provisionally allocated to you.

3.If you are not matched…
If you are not matched to an apartment during the first round, you are not notified of this by email. However, you can see the current status of the matching and letting procedure at any time on this website. You do not receive an email informing you that you have not been matched to an apartment until all the tenancy agreements have been signed. This is because it is possible that homes which have been provisionally allocated become available again. In that case, a new round of matching is held. This includes everyone registered at that time who has not yet been allocated an apartment. So it is still possible that you will be offered one.

4.Match = provisional allocation
If you are matched to an apartment, you receive a provisional allocation offer by email. You can accept this in your online account. After that, all the data you have provided is checked. For this reason, please make sure that you always enter the correct information from the start. You will receive more details about this by email after you register with us.

5.Uploading documents to your online account
If you are provisionally allocated an apartment, you will be asked to upload a number of personal documents to your secure online account. What we ask for depends upon your particular situation. You will find rules and tips for uploading documents in one of the emails you receive with your provisional allocation offer.

The documents you upload are assessed by our property manager. Once they have been approved, the apartment is definitively allocated to you and you receive the tenancy agreement by email. After you have signed this digitally, the property manager also does so on our behalf. And that makes it official: you are now the tenant of your own dream home! Congratulations!