What conditions do I need to meet?

Following registration, suitable applicants are matched with the available apartments. But who counts as suitable? First and foremost, it is important that you have sufficient income to pay the rent, now and in the future. For this reason, we have set strict criteria for your current and likely future income. It is also essential that you do not have a negative credit record with the Bureau for Credit Registration (BKR). If you are not sure about this, you can request a copy of your BKR record. Besides the credit check, we may also undertake PEP (politically exposed person) and sanctions checks.

Income requirement of 3.5 x rental price
long-term income
No negative
credit registration

Income requirements

To ensure that you will be able pay your rent and other monthly expenses, we have drawn up income criteria for applicants. In order to avoid disappointment during the registration process, you can calculate in advance whether you meet our requirements. It is important that you as a tenant (or as joint tenants) satisfy the criteria yourself; due to the additional risks involved, we do not accept third-party guarantees. Because these properties are in the unregulated sector, residents cannot claim rent rebates.

To be eligible for one of our apartments, your gross monthly income must be at least 3.5 times the monthly rent. If you are applying as prospective joint tenants, 100% of a second income counts towards this threshold.

Do you have savings? If these total at least €50,000, you can count them towards the income threshold. In this case, we consider 10% of your declared savings as part of your gross annual income (on a monthly basis, that is 0.83%).


If you are in paid employment, it is important that you have a contract for at least six months plus a declaration from your employer stating that they intend to extend it after that. To calculate your gross monthly income, check the gross monthly salary shown on your pay slip. Include all amounts mentioned here, such as holiday pay, any fixed bonus and, if applicable, a “thirteenth month”.

Benefit or pension

If you are able to demonstrate that your benefit is permanent in nature, you can count it as all or part of your income in order to meet the eligibility criteria. In addition, if you are applying as prospective joint tenants you can count a permanent benefit as a second income. Note that student loans do not qualify as income. If you are a pensioner, add your state pension (AOW) to any private pension you receive to calculate your total gross monthly income.


If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, you can also rent in Sphinx Zuid. You are eligible if you have been self-employed or running your own business for more than one year and you can demonstrate that your net profit before tax meets the income requirement. You can show this by submitting your annual accounts for the most recent complete financial year, drawn up by an accountant or bookkeeper. Please also note that you will be asked for a security deposit equal to three months’ basic rent.

Good to know

You can only rent an apartment in Sphinx Zuid if you are going to live there yourself and, after moving in, you register with the City of Maastricht as a resident there.

The minimum rental period is one year. After that you can terminate your tenancy on the first day of any calendar month, with one month’s notice. So if, for example, you tell us on 19 April that you wish to move out, your tenancy ends on 1 June.

The matching procedure for the allocation of apartments is based on the information you provide, including details of your income and your preferred properties. It is therefore essential that you complete the registration form truthfully. All details will be checked later, including your supporting documents and credit status.