I want to rent a property. What should I do?

Letting has begun! Take a look at the online catalogue to find your dream home, check that you meet the income criteria and other conditions and start your online registration.

Do the images on the website show the apartment I am going to rent?

The images on the website are artist’s impressions: animated simulations based on the floor plans and quality specifications of the apartments we are building. There are various types, so the images you see are not necessarily of the property you will be renting. As these are only impressions, no rights can be derived from them. Information about the quality specifications can be found in the FAQ and the exact dimensions and layout of each apartment are shown on the individual floor plans in the catalogue.

Can I claim rent rebate?

The apartments for let in Sphinx Zuid – Recamier are in the unregulated sector. This means that tenants are not eligible for rent rebates.

Can I visit the properties?

We understand that you are curious to see what the apartments in Sphinx Zuid – Recamier will look like! Unfortunately, due to safety regulations on the construction site and the current measures related to Covid-19, it is not possible to arrange visits at present.


We are keeping a close eye on developments and will offer an online alternative if the present situation continues. To give you a good idea of the final result, we will post images or videos on this website as soon as they become available.

When can I move in?

Sphinx Zuid – Recamier is due to be ready for occupation in July 2021. A large team of construction professionals is working day in, day out to deliver these beautiful homes on time, but unforeseen circumstances may still delay their completion. These include weather conditions such as storms or frost, as well as late delivery of materials and measures related to Covid-19.

Is the pandemic affecting construction?

As stated above, the apartments are due to be ready in July 2021. At the time of writing (March 2021), the contractor expects to complete them by this date. However, there is always a chance of delay due to circumstances related to coronavirus, such as late delivery of materials or further government restrictions. We are keeping a close eye on developments and will of course inform you as soon as possible if there are any changes to the date you are able to move in.

Please keep this possibility of delay in mind when giving notice on or selling your current home.

Income and eligibility
What conditions do I have to meet?

To be eligible for an apartment in Sphinx Zuid – Recamier, you must be able to meet the income criteria. As the tenant, you have to fulfil these requirements. If you can meet the income requirements for 85%, a third party guarantee is possibe.
It is also essential that you do not have a negative credit record with the Bureau for Credit Registration (BKR).

What are the income criteria?

To ensure that you will be able to pay your rent and other monthly costs, we apply the following criteria:

  • Your gross monthly income must be at least 3.5 times the monthly rent.
  • In case of a joint tenancy, 100% of a second income counts towards this threshold.
  • If you have savings of at least €50,000, you can count these towards the income threshold. In this case, we consider 10% of your declared savings as part of your gross annual income. You must have a regular income as well.
Do benefits count as income, and if so how are they included in the calculation?

If you are able to demonstrate that your benefit is permanent in nature, you can count it as all or part of your income in order to meet the eligibility criteria. In case of a joint tenancy, you can include a permanent benefit in the calculation as a second income.

I am self-employed. Can I rent?

If you are self-employed or an entrepreneur, you can rent an apartment in Sphinx Zuid – Recamier as long as you have had your own business for at least one year and can meet the income criteria. In this case, we take your net profit before tax as your annual income. As evidence, you will be asked to provide your annual accounts for the most recent complete financial year, drawn up by an accountant or bookkeeper. Please note that self-employed tenants are required to pay a security deposit equal to three months’ basic rent upon signing the tenancy agreement and before receiving the keys to the property (this also applies if one joint tenant is self-employed or an entrepreneur).

I am an agency worker. Can I rent?

It is important that you are able to pay the rent in the long term. For this reason, it is necessary to have a contract of employment for at least one year plus a declaration from your employer stating that they intend to extend it after that. Unfortunately, you cannot fulfil these requirements with a zero-hours or standard agency contract. A contract with a secondment agency or a so-called “Phase B” (semi-permanent) contract may be eligible, depending upon its specific terms; we assess this on a case-by-case basis.

Do student loans count as income?

Student loans do not qualify as income.

Are parents or third parties allowed to act as guarantors if income guidelines cannot be met?

Are you just not complying with the income guidelines? In the event that you meet at least 85% of the income guidelines with your own income, it is possible to let parents or third parties act as guarantor. Contact the rental agent for the conditions.

Where can I find the registration form? And where do I upload my documents?

At the top of this website is a registration button. Click on this and you can create a secure account to safely upload your details and documents. We only ask for personal documents once you have accepted a provisional allocation. When you register, all we want to know is your income.

Do I have to pay registration or agency fees?

There are no registration or agency fees. The first month’s rent and any security deposit must be paid before the keys are handed over. A deposit is required if you are self-employed or in special situations.

What documents do I need to upload?

During the registration process, we ask you to upload certain documents. These are mainly related to your identity and income. What exactly you need to provide depends on your personal situation. On this page you will find tips on how to upload your documents safely and you can download a checklist specific to your income situation.

How are the apartments allocated?

During the registration process, you select your dream home from those available. We also ask for personal details, information about your income and any fixed monthly expenses. This is used to check that you can meet the income criteria for your chosen apartment.


Everyone who has completed the registration process and fulfils the income requirement is included in the matching round(s). This is done on the basis of the details you have entered and your preferred apartment. So it is important that the income you enter is correct, and also your partner’s if relevant.

Rent and conditions
Who can rent and occupy a property?

You can only rent an apartment if you are going to live there yourself and, after moving in, you register with the City of Maastricht as resident there. Subletting in any form is strictly prohibited, even for short periods of time (short stay, Airbnb, etc.). Only the signatory (or signatories) of the tenancy agreement and any children living with them are permitted to occupy the property.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one year. After that you can terminate your tenancy on the first day of any calendar month, with one month’s notice. So if, for example, you tell us on 19 April that you wish to move out, your tenancy ends on 1 June.

Are there service costs in addition to the rent?

Yes, you also pay service costs. These include charges for the use and maintenance of the communal areas. The amount has not yet been determined.

Can I keep pets?

Naturally, you would like your furry friend or goldfish to move with you into your new home. Pets are welcome, as long as they do not cause any inconvenience to other residents. Your animal should not bark or meow excessively, escape from the apartment (or garden) or cause damage to the property.

Can I lay a laminate floor?

Yes, as long as a proper underlay is used and the laminate is suitable for underfloor heating. When you move into Sphinx Zuid – Recamier, you will receive more information and instructions about suitable flooring.

Because the apartments have underfloor heating, to make the most efficient use of that system it is important that you choose a type of flooring that conducts heat well. Otherwise you will waste a lot of energy. We recommend that you seek specialist advice about the best flooring and underlay for you.

Can I paint the walls?

Your apartment is delivered with papered interior walls. You may furnish and decorate the interior to your own taste, so once you move in you can paint or repaper the walls. Please note that when you vacate the property, you must return it to its original state.

You are not allowed to paint the window frames or doors, or to drill into the tiles in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen.

What are the advantages of renting?

Renting a home is carefree and comfortable. You always know where you stand financially. You have fixed monthly costs and no expenses for large-scale maintenance or upkeep. And the risk of the property losing value is borne by the landlord. Renting is flexible, too. Your initial tenancy agreement is for a minimum of one year, but after that you can terminate it on the first day of any calendar month with just one month’s notice.

As a tenant, you enjoy living in a sustainable modern home with a deluxe bathroom, a fully fitted kitchen with high-quality appliances and low energy bills. All without having to make any investments yourself. Is something broken and in need of repair? Just ask, and we will come and fix it!

Quality and amenities
How are the walls and ceilings finished?

The walls in the living room, hall and bedroom(s) are papered in a neutral colour. The ceilings and the wall in the toilet above the tiling are spray-painted in white. The ceiling height is approximately 2.6 metres.

What is the bathroom like?

The comfortable bathroom is finished in a modern black-and-white colour scheme, with speckled black floor tiles and glossy white wall tiles, right up to the ceiling. It also features a lovely spacious shower cubicle and twin wash basins. Some apartments have a bath as well. The exact size and layout of each bathroom can be found on the floor plans in the online catalogue.

How is the kitchen finished and equipped?

Your apartment in Sphinx-Zuid – Recamier has a modern open kitchen with white cabinets and a black worktop. It comes with ATAG appliances with at least energy label A+ and is fully equipped for safe and convenient cooking. You have an induction hob with extractor fan, an integrated dishwasher, an oven with microwave function and a fridge-freezer or refrigerator with freezer compartment.

How is the separate toilet finished?

The toilet has speckled black floor tiles and glossy white wall tiles, up to a height of approximately 1 metre. Above that the walls are spray-painted in white. The toilet is a modern wall-hung model, and there is hand basin with tap.

Is there a fibre-optic connection in the apartment?

Yes, it is available.

Where can I park my car?

You can rent a space in the building’s underground car park. For this you pay a separate monthly fee of €100. The number of parking spaces is limited; if oversubscribed, they will be allocated by drawing lots.

How is my apartment heated?

The apartments are connected to ‘ENatuurlijk’s’ district heating network. Read more about ENnatuurlijk.

How is my apartment ventilated?

There is a mechanical extractor fan. Vents in the outer wall provide fresh air.

Are there any solar panels and what are they used for?

Yes, there are solar panels on the roof. The green energy they generate is used for the building’s shared facilities, such as lighting the communal areas.

How sustainable are the homes?

The apartments in Sphinx Zuid – Recamier are highly energy-efficient and constructed with sustainability always in mind. All are very well-insulated, triple-glazed throughout, connected to the district heating network and gas-free. The building is fitted with solar panels, with the energy they generate used for its shared facilities. A screen in the communal entrance hall will show you how much energy has been produced. Other green initiatives are a moss-sedum roof, built-in nesting boxes for birds in the outer walls and, possibly, a hive maintained by local beekeepers on the roof.